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Socialist Democracy  Bulletin - November/December 2015
Con Job!
The Troika’s election plan: sell austerity, save stability
Lansdowne Road - The hidden election manifesto
Right2Change: A winning hand or a busted flush?
Greece: Syriza’s hollow election victory
Socialist Education: Workers self-defence
“Fresh Start” or death rattle?
Fresh Start Agreement: Stormont’s austerity economics
Casement Park redevelopment
Their wars! Our deaths!
Another dirty deal
Anti Austerity Bulletin - January 2016 Contents Eyes Wide Shut Fruits of Fresh Start - Austerity and Corruption ICTU's about turn on Stormont austerity Our enemies will be weaker Anti Water Charges Bulletin - September 2015 Contents Water charges: going beyond protest A defeat for the Government. A victory for the resistance? A movement that refuses to die - but has yet to flower Programme for a progressive government? Socialist Democracy Bulletin - August 2015 Contents Strange Statistics : The return of the Celtic Tiger? Back to the days of the Celtic Tiger? Belfast Anti Interment march: Choreography of collusion Irish Water: A defeat for the Government. A victory for the resistance? Banking enquiry— a cloak of invisibility Capitalists enforce barbarism in Greece Siteserv scandal: The antidote to corruption On the buses: UNITE bureaucracy side steps fight against austerity Stormont House: “Toe the line” Sinn Fein told Socialist Democracy Bulletin - June 2015 Contents Class war ahead: But where’s the fightback? Austerity in the North: A strange silence Unions back in the tent Water fightback – the workers are on their own Equal marriage vote: A beacon of liberation for all Greece: Syriza have already betrayed the working class Socialist Democracy Election Bulletin - May 2015 Contents Tory Wolf pack closing in on the workers! British vote marks the collapse of British Labourism Westminster vote in the North of Ireland Count the Catholics Kelly: Sinn Fein’s sectarian ploy exposed West Belfast: A socialist breakthrough? The strike that wasn’t: Unite shadow boxes in the face of transport privatisation Snap! Another bus sell-out in Dublin May Day Bulletin - 2015 Contents Fighting austerity: A truce with the bosses - war in the unions? Trade union retreat from Stormont House fight Anti-austerity candidate Fra Hughes: an exemplary campaign DUP bigotry: When will we stop pretending that we have a democrcay? Anti Austerity Bulletin - March 2015 Contents Beating back the Stormont House Agreement Resist State Repression! Close Irish Water Now! The water fightback: A last straw for Irish workers Workers mobilisations, North and South, have upset the applecart Greece: Syriza's surrender Socialist Democracy Bulletin - January 2015 Contents Stormont House deal: Twin hammers to smash the workers Sectarianism and austerity: Twin pillars of reaction Unions, workers and resistance Close Irish Water Now! A silent retreat Water doublespeak: When unity means division Jack O’Connor, Irish Water and the Troika Turning water into a commodity Socialist Education: What is Islamism? Irish state reduces women to vessels Greek elections Socialist Democracy Bulletin - October 2014 Contents Water charges: Stop the war on workers! Greyhound dispute: Lions led by Donkeys Greyhound dispute: A Socialist Alternative Stormont budget: Carving up the sectarian spoils Night of the long knives Budget 2015 – the end of austerity? Water charges: The final straw? US: The Racist Murder of Michael Brown Socialist Education: The police, the state and the ‘prevailing Philistinism’ Talks: A new carnival of reaction Bono Backlash - U2 graduate on the web as malware Palestine Solidarity Bulletin - August 2014 Fighting Israeli, US terror Solidarity A united movement in defence of Palestine Gaza: When this round of slaughter finally stops, we will have to organise and fight on Socialist Democracy Election Analysis - June 2014 Contents Euro elections signal new offensive by the right Northern elections see advances for Unionist far right Ireland South: Can a “left“ vote shield against austerity? Europe: Rise of the right-wing parties Misplaced optimism from the socialists: No room for complacency