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Socialist Democracy Election Analysis - June 2014

Euro elections signal new offensive by the right 
Local and European elections normally draw very little comment. Local councils have  limited powers and
the European parliament is a particularly powerless talking shop.Yet the 2014 elections are significant. 
They represented a widespread rejection of  the European project and of the establishment parties on which
that project rests.   (read more)

Northern elections see advances for Unionist far right
The reality is that there was and continues to be a solid bloc within unionism that is opposed to even the 
most minimal form of accommodation (as represented by the St Andrews Agreement) with nationalists.  
What the  results of the most recent elections demonstrate is that unionist opinion is shifting even further in 
this direction.  (read more)

Ireland South: Can a “left“ vote shield against austerity?
The story of the local and European elections in the South of Ireland is easily told. Voters took the opportunity to 
wreak vengeance on the government parties. The leading conservative party in the government coalition, Fine Gael, 
took a drubbing losing 8.4 per cent of its vote, but their Labour party partners were massacred, with their vote
 falling by half to 7%.  (read more)

Europe: Rise of the right-wing parties means new challenges for workers
The European election results have revealed the deepening class polarisation taking place across Europe with the far 
right making substantial gains while to a lesser extent gains were made by the reformist Left.   (read more)

Misplaced optimism from the socialists: No room for complacency 
One of the upshots of the European elections has been an astounding complacency on the part of many socialist 
commentators. The overall message is that we should be relaxed about the menacing rise of Fascist and far right 
parties and concentrate on the real story of major votes for anti-austerity parties.  (read more)


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