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  Last updated: 19 May 2015
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Socialist Democracy Election Bulletin - May 2015


Tory Wolf pack closing in on the workers!
There is no point in putting on a brave face. The Tory wolves are off the leash and gunning for the working class. 
Young people will be starved into jobs that pay a pittance. They plan to effectively abolish the right to strike and 
build a big brother society without democratic rights.   (read more)

British vote marks the collapse of British Labourism
From a distance the pattern of the British elections are somewhat clearer than may be apparent among the shock 
and despair of the socialist groups directly involved.  From that distance it is clear that British politics sit firmly within
the European mould.  (read more)

Westminster vote in the North of Ireland
A local writer once remarked that the new Northern Ireland reminded him of nothing so much as the old Northern Ireland.
This truism was confirmed by May's Westminster election, which could easily have been taking place in 1955. (read more)

Count the Catholics Kelly: Sinn Fein’s sectarian ploy exposed
The angry response to their sectarian ploy in the Westminster election took Sinn Fein by surprise. In the North Belfast 
constituency they printed a bar graph based on the 2011 census in the area. It was labeled: “Protestant - 45.67%; 
Catholic - 46.96%. Make the change, Make history”.   (read more)

West Belfast: A socialist breakthrough?
In the general sectarian gloom and grim preparation for a looming austerity offensive that marked the Westminster 
election in the North of Ireland one result  stood out like a beacon - the vote for Gerry Carroll in West Belfast. (read more)

The strike that wasn’t: Unite shadow boxes in the face of transport privatisation
The cancellation of the bus and rail strike planned for May 6th by Unite is not surprising. The union leadership’s 
promise to put up a fight against Stormont’s austerity policies was always less than convincing.  (read more)

Snap! Another bus sell-out in Dublin
There are remarkable similarities between the outcome of the LRC talks in Dublin and the cancelled Bus strike in
the North.  In both cases the privatisation process is to go ahead. In both cases the union  leaderships declared 
victory based on assurances from employers - assurances  that amount to little more  than that there would be no 
compulsory redundancies.   (read more)
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