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Anti Austerity Bulletin - September 2016


ICTU used to directly organise pre budget demonstrations but in 2011 its policy,  articulated by Jack O'Connor as working within
the narrow confines of the Troika budget led to demonstrations of anger from workers. ICTU now prefer to stay in the background. 
In the absence of any political programme or democratic structures the role of the Right2Water demonstration can only be to fuel
the ICTU proposals.  (read more)

Pressing restart won't work
The mass mobilisations against water charges have won a substantial victory for the Right2Water campaign. The political structures
of Irish capitalism that led the offensive are unstable and are starting to decay, and they have had to retreat.  With Fianna Fail, the 
party that set up the privatisation process, and a majority of Dail parties now saying that they are opposed to charges it seems 
politically impossible that they will be reintroduced anytime soon.  (read more)

A tight budget? 
The trade unions are yet again sponsoring street protest to bolster horse trading around the budget. They will be joined at the table 
by opposition parties, charities and social groups. They will argue for a more generous allocation of funds. Charges and taxes should 
be cut, public services expanded. (read more)

Apple ruling - the political economy of tax avoidance
The ruling by the European Commission (EC) - that Ireland has facilitated Apple Inc in avoiding billions of euros in taxes on its EU 
based operations - serves to highlight the nature of the Irish state and its role in the global economic and political system.  This was 
illustrated most clearly in the reaction of the Irish political class.  In this their identification with the US corporation was total.   (read more)

Next edition - November 2016


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Trade union activists protest against Fresh Start Agreement (Nov 2015)




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