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Make Our National Maternity Hospital Public Demonstration

Saturday, 8 December 2018
Spire of Dublin at 14:00


Please come along & show your solidarity in the Campaign to make our new National Maternity Hospital Public. The fight from Repeal is not over!

The struggle for Legislation will be meaningless if people to not have access to services! The minister for health Simon Harris is currently doing a deal behind closed doors where he will GIFT €350 Million to the renamed sisters of charity now known as the St Vincentís Group at Elm Park! The risk of abortion & other health services such as IVF for single people or same sex couples will come under foreseeable jeopardy because of religious interference from a charter over 100 years old!

It will be unavoidable if this deal is allowed to go ahead & the minister can not give us reassurances! Letís not allow the next Health scandal to take place before our eyes! We will own the bricks but not the business!

#makeNMHours #OurMaternityHospital

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