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The Transitional Programme:  The Death Agony  of capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International. 

An tIdirchlár: Arraingeacha Bais an Chaipitleachais agus Cúraimí an Cheathrú hIdirnaisiúntán. 

by Leon Trotscaí

An historic work published for the first time As Gaeilge

published by DR O'Connor Lysaght, Dublin 2013

63 p, € 5

Leon Trotsky was a major leader of the Russian revolution in 1917,  a revolution that gave hope to people around the world that they could build a new life on the ruins of capitalism after the first world war. Decades later, however, the dream had faded. There were revolutionary opportunities in different countries, but they failed. In Russia itself, the group led by Stalin came to power as they trampled the ideals of the revolution. Trotsky was exiled, finally seeking asylum in Mexico.

But Trotsky did not abandon the revolution. He believed the working class could eliminate the unjust system that was destroying the world. He fought to keep the dream alive, and he asked people to organize to build for it. In 1938 he wrote The Transitional Programme to link everyday struggles with the objective of the revolution.

This has been a guide to revolutionaries the world over the past 75 years, and is known as a major document in the canon of socialism. The Irish translation is available here for the first time. Now that the catastrophic instabilities of the capitalist system are emerging again, the timing of its publication could not be more appropriate.



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