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The Rossport Five: Solidarity From Colombian Energy and Mining Unions

4th October 2005

To The Rossport Five:

On behalf of the energy and mining Trade Unions gathered together in the federation FUNTRAMINERGETICA we wish to express our solidarity with your struggle in Ireland against the multinational Shell.

In Colombia the oil and mining multinationals have murdered trade unionists and forced off their land farmers who resisted the exploitation of oil and gold on their land or as in your case resisted the building of an oil or gas pipeline on their land.

We salute your struggle and hope that your release from prison is just the first victory in your campaign against a multinational whose only concern is their own profit, leaving nothing behind for the communities. In Colombia Shell has acted as it pleased. In an act of supreme corruption they illegally sold the oil fields of Caño Limon to Occidental Petroleum without paying a single cent of the taxes and royalties due to the State and then withdrew from the country taking the wealth that belongs to Colombia with it. In Ireland it pays no money to the State either and nor will it.

Here the multinationals impose their will through violence and corruption in Ireland they do it through corruption and the use of the courts, courts which like the Colombian courts are indulgent with the rich and implacable in their application of “laws”  against workers and small farmers; laws which are drawn up by their friends in the parliament.

We wish you every success in your struggle.
Victory to the Rossport Five!


Francisco Ramirez 
General Secretary
Funtraminergetica (USO, Simtramienergetica, Sintraminercol, Sintracarbòn, Funtrametal, Sintrametal)

Issued through the Columbian Solidarity Network,
Co/ Latin American Solidarity Centre  5 Merrion Row Dublin


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