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Brexit Bulletin - July 2016


Capitalist meltdown
As Europe descends further into crisis Ireland has fallen into slumber. Elections North and South have seen the return of right 
wing austerity administrations despite widespread popular anger. The majority of opposition groups have decided to operate 
inside the limits set by the austerity programmes.  (read more)

Brexit and the South
It is beyond doubt. The Southern economy will suffer a considerable impact from Brexit and from the imminent recession, 
the approach of which has accelerated due to the Brexit vote.  (read more)

Brexit and the North
While overall the UK voted to Leave the EU Northern Ireland was one of the regions, alongside Scotland and London, that voted 
in favour of Remain.  People in the North voted 56% to 44% to stay with 11 out of 18 parliamentary constituencies favouring 
Remain.   Though the vote did not break down entirely along unionist and nationalist lines it is clear from the returns that bulk of 
the Leave vote was made up of unionists. (read more)

Brexit and Britain
There is a general perception in Britain that the crisis element of Brexit has receded. The Tories have closed ranks, assuring 
everyone that they will go ahead with departure from Britain - but not just yet. Today's issue is the fight to return Jeremy Corbyn 
as leader of the Labour party.  (read more)

Can there be a Corbyn type movement in Ireland?
Can the battle in Britain extend to Ireland?  To answer that question we must look at the class forces involved. Britain
remains a major capitalist power. This gives force to the illusion of Brexit but gives a mirror illusion of left social democracy a 
much greater weight.   (read more)

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