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Anti Austerity Bulletin - March 2015


The water fightback: A last straw for Irish workers
Why did Irish workers, seen as passively accepting years of austerity, suddenly rise up against the imposition of water
charges?  Quite simply it was the straw that broke the camel's back. It was the final imposition, after years of cuts, 
charges, job lossesand migration, imposed at a time when the Irish government proclaimed an economic recovery to a working
class struggling to survive.  (read more)

Resist State Repression! Close Irish Water Now!
The continuing mass demonstrations against water charges and water privatisation show that workers want to fight on. They have
not been bought off by the carrot of reduced charges nor intimidated by injunc-tions, dawn raids, imprisonment or by the threats 
that protest will be treated as major crimes (read more)

Beating back the Stormont House Agreement
The ICTU March 13 day of action was an important opportunity to demonstrate our opposition to the catastrophe facing the working
 class in the North.  (read more)

Workers mobilisations, North and South, have upset the applecart
The Sinn Fein U-turn on the Stormont house agreement is very good news for the battle against austerity. The organisation was
attempting to speak out of both sides of its mouth – enforcing austerity in the North while opposing it in the South. It is possible
to get away with this when working people are passive and demoralised. (read more)

Greece: Syriza’s surrender
The almost total surrender of the newly elected Greek government in negotiations over the country’s bailout conditions has dashed
hopes that the election victory of Syriza would herald a shift away from the policies of austerity within the European Union. Those
who hoped that the Greek revolt would lead a shift away from austerity now have to accept two harsh realities   (read more)

Next edition - May 2015


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Anti Austerity Bulletin - March 2015

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