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  Last updated: 15 September 2017
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Socialist Democracy Bulletin - May 2017


Even before Brexit, Irish stability is unravelling
Theresa May's announcement that there was to be a British general election brought talks at Stormont to a juddering halt. Their 
resumption is set for June, but given that this is the beginning of the Orange marching season a further delay is likely.  (read more)

Groundhog Day?
One issue - water charges - has come to symbolize the long grinding austerity we have been subject to. On this issue a mass 
sentiment of anger, organized through Right2Water demonstrations, has pushed Irish capitalism onto the defensive.  (read more)

Fight the criminalisation of Protest! Support the Jobstown defendants!
In the lead-up to May Day a monumental show trial opened in Dublin. The trail was aimed at water charge protesters, including 
a Socialist Party Dail deputy and councillor and a leader of the republican group eirigi.  (read more)

The alternative to Brexit: A workers republic and a United Socialist States of Europe
Much of the discussion about Brexit tends to ignore the context; the crisis in British society, in European society, in the US 
and more widely for global capitalism and working class retreat in the face of many offensives.  (read more)

The British election
There are certain basic elements of the Brexit process that have to be restated in order to make sense of the coming British 
general election. The first is that it is an utterly reactionary process that aims to strike savage blows at workers. "  (read more)

Bus Eireann: The story behind the dispute
The workers at Bus Eireann have been forced to go on strike by an aggressive and intransigent management.  Behind 
this intransigence lies a government which is driving   a cuts agenda alongside carefully laid plans to privatise the public 
transport service.  (read more)

Bus Eireann: Rank and file action puts defeat of privatisation on the agenda
The action that can guarantee victory in the Bus Eireann struggle is the unofficial action taken by the drivers on Friday 31st March. 
The strike must be broadened. If it sits still, it risks being strangled.  (read more)

Fight the sellout!
The proposals being put to Bus Eireann workers, if accepted, would represent an enormous defeat for the bus workers and for the 
Irish working class as a whole.  (read more)

Stormont falls
As the Humpty Dumpty of the Stormont executive came falling to the ground and talks failed, the rush to put Humpty together 
again began. That will prove to be difficult.  (read more)

Graveyard of the innocents in Tuam
The announcement by an Irish government minister that "significant quantities" of human remains had been discovered at the site 
of a former mother and baby home in Tuam County Galway has brought official confirmation to claims about the disposal of the bodies 
of babies and very young children.   (read more)

Pressing reset: Time for the insurrection?
At a recent private meeting in Belfast grim-faced civil servants and politicians outlined policy options following Brexit. The picture 
was of a low wage economy and the collapse of public services.   (read more)

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