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Palestine Solidarity Bulletin - August 2014

Fighting Israeli, US terror
If the endless cycle of siege and massacre in Gaza tell us anything, it is that winning peace is not a matter 
of splitting the difference, condemning all sides equally and  calling for a ceasefire.The road to peace involves 
identifying and defeating the causes of violence.   (read more)

The slaughter in Gaza tells us that we need to move the tasks of solidarity unto a new plane. We cannot 
allow the eventual end of the slaughter to mean a return to the status quo. We have an opportunity to build 
something new from the wave of support among workers and young people.  (read more)

A united movement in defence of Palestine
The cycle of siege and massacre in Gaza, culminating in the attempted genocide today  will live on as an 
historic struggle against repression, alongside struggles such as Stalingrad and the uprising of the 
Warsaw ghetto.  (read more)

Gaza: When this round of slaughter finally stops, we will have to organise and fight on
The bloodlust of the Israeli government and their U.S. backers is only matched by their arrogance. Publicly Israeli 
government ministers accuse Palestinians of a new crime of "self genocide," Netanyahu, in unconscious mimicry of 
Nazi propaganda towards the Jews, accuses his victims of arranging "photogenic" corpses of women and children. 
In the background Obama, the killer drone king of planet earth, justifies Israeli atrocities on the grounds that no 
country should have to bear missiles being fired into its territory!   (read more)

Next edition - September 2014


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