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Sectarian baiting, muted response show how little has changed in the North


There were many expressions of outrage When Kate Hoey, Baroness of Rathlin and former British Labour party MP, joined with local front man for loyalism, Jamie Bryson in claiming a Catholic takeover of the media and professional bodies.  Hoey claimed there were  “very justified concerns that many professional vocations have become dominated by those of a nationalist persuasion”. Professions mentioned included journalism, law and the public service. (read more)

Covid infections surge across Ireland as Omicron takes hold


Over the course of December and early January Ireland has seen a surge in Covid infections. As the highly mutated and highly transmissible Omicron variant has become dominant the figure for infections has reached a level that dwarfs those seen in early periods of the pandemic. The record number for daily cases is set and then soon surpassed while the peak of this wave still to be reached. Yet in the face of this surge both the Irish government and the Stormont Executive limit themselves to the most minimal interventions. (read more)

Desmond Tutu (1931–2021)


The death of Archbishop Desmond Tutu has led to outpourings of grief and commemoration among sections of the South African working class and among the great and the good across the globe. However, the different groups are celebrating different things. Workers and activists celebrate his role, alongside Nelson Mandela, in bringing down the evil structure of apartheid and white minority rule in South Africa. The fact that after white rule ended, he opposed the growing corruption of the ANC leadership, the militarism of the Obama government and that he labelled Israel an apartheid state all helped preserve his legacy. (read more)

British Brexit strategy hits the buffers


Disagreement with covid strategy is not the reason for Lord Frost's departure from the British government. In reality the resignation represents the Brexit bus hitting the barriers. The result for the Tories of their attempt to sell an oven ready Brexit is greater instability between Europe and Britain and between Britain and the north of Ireland. The chaos at the top will help mask the inability of trade union leaders and reformist politicians to offer any convincing alternatives. The overall explanation for the evolution of British politics is a continuing decay and an unstable chaos. (read more)

The persecution of Julian Assange 


The decision by Britain's high court to allow the extradition of Julian Assange also tears away at the fiction of legal neutrality and lays bare a conspiracy by two imperialist powers to seek revenge for the exposure of war crimes and to close down the fiction of journalistic independence. This conspiracy is underlined by the harsh conditions of solitary confinement and a recent stroke suffered by the reporter. (read more)

"Flag" commission report does nothing in the face of crisis


The long-delayed report into the North of Ireland's culture wars was published recently at a cost of almost £1million and after years of delay, proposing - nothing. The commission discussed flying the British flag, flying the Irish flag or designing a new flag but came to no conclusion. It said that bonfires were perfectly reasonable but possibly could be modified to meet health and safety concerns. (read more)

Imperialism and the fall of Afghanistan 

Afghanistan: The Defeat of U.S. Imperialism and the Road Ahead 
Socialist Action (US) 26/08/21

After 20 years of untold U.S. government-inflicted barbaric horrors on the people of Afghanistan the world’s greatest military power, along with its NATO allies, stands humiliated, demoralized and defeated, forced to abandon their claimed nation-building project in the face of irreversible Taliban victories over the past year and longer. (read more)

On the fall of Kabul 
Anti-Capitalist Resistance 16/08/21

A few days ago United States Intelligence said that Kabul could hold out for 3 months. Ashraf Ghani the Afghan president told his people on TV that he was organising the city's defence. The US were carefully planning their announced withdrawal and setting up diplomatic talks in Doha with the Taliban. (read more)

Debacle in Afghanistan 
New Left Review 16/08/21

The fall of Kabul to the Taliban on 15 August 2021 is a major political and ideological defeat for the American Empire. The crowded helicopters carrying US Embassy staff to Kabul airport were startlingly reminiscent of the scenes in Saigon - now Ho Chi Minh City - in April 1975. (read more)

Taliban Again to Rule Afghanistan after 20 Years of Imperialist Occupation 
Left Voice 15/08/21

After 20 years of imperialist occupation, the Taliban are back in power in Afghanistan. Images are circulating across social media that compare it with the American defeat in Vietnam. But while there are some similarities, these two events are not the same. To be sure, we have deep disagreements with the Vietnamese communists, but a central difference is the reactionary and bourgeois character of the Taliban. (read more)


Gender identity ideology

Presentation by Orla Ni Chomhrai on why socialists should oppose a dogma which undermines women's rights, gay rights, free speech, and science.

18 October 2021