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  Last updated: 14 April 2017
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Socialist Democracy Bulletin - February 2016


After the dreamtime - Workers rights or vulture capitalism?
The promises held out to Irish workers over the past decade have proved illusory. Now the illusions have faded and we face a grim 
reality.  (read more)

Home Sweet Home - Can we burst the limits of protest?
In a grim year, when many Irish workers discovered that economic recovery did not mean recovery for their wage packets, the 
occupation of Apollo House in Dublin was a beacon of light, described as the only real celebration of the principles of the 1916 
rebellion amid all the hypocrisy of the official celebrations.  (read more)

Stormont falls amid the stench of decay
The reactions to the collapse of the Good Friday structures in the North of Ireland have drawn heavily on the language of soap 
opera.  Arlene Foster and the Democratic Unionist Party were too stubborn, Sinn Fein were too reckless.  But what if each group 
had no choice?  (read more)

The Left and Brexit
After the wave of reaction that followed the vote for Brexit in the UK some in the leadership of the pro leave left are attempting to 
clarify their call for “Lexit” by calling for a “socialist internationalist Brexit”. The Socialist Party, which has produced this call, has 
not explained what exactly it would look like, or how the break up of the EU and a retreat behind national borders could be in any
way 'internationalist'.    (read more)

Water charges: Another Irish solution to an Irish problem
The report by the Expert Commission on Domestic Public Water Services represents a retreat by Irish capitalism in the face of 
popular discontent. Quite simply, in the endless succession of charges, taxes, wage and pension cuts and the slashing of 
services designed to pay the European banking debt, a section of the working class became unable to pay more and others 
decided that they would not pay more.   (read more)

Garda  breach Government/ICTU deal but no reversal of pay cuts, two-tier pay
In  2016 the Irish economy staged a recovery.  Unemployment fell, wages inched up in some sectors and the public sector unions,  
working through the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) egotiated a deal, the Lansdowne Road agreement (LRA), which was 
presented as a route to pay restoration, even though it contained no such commitment.(read more)

War in Syria, confusion among the Irish Left
The ongoing war in Syria – and in particular the role of Russia in the conflict – has once again exposed the utter confusion of the Irish Left over current global events. Such confusion arises out of a response that bases itself not on the in-sights provided by Marxism but on the impulses of liberal humanitarianism.(read more)
Stormont Executive bankrolls loyalism
The recent controversy over nearly £2 million in public funds being allocated to a “community” organisation with links to the UDA
has once again highlighted the level of institutional support for loyalism. More broadly it reveals a system of pay offs and
patronage that continues to underpin the political settlement in the north.(
read more)

A new opposition current in the Fourth International
The new grouping calls for the building of an international for revolution and communism. It criticises the decades of building
“broad left” parties as a catastrophe. (
read more)

Next edition - May 2017


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