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  Last updated: 12 December 2014
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Socialist Democracy Bulletin - October 2014

Water charges: Stop the war on workers!
It’s clear that the imposition of water charges for something that we already owned has driven many over the edge. People 
are rising up in desperation. What will it take to push the government back? (read more)

Greyhound dispute: Lions led by Donkeys
After a long period of retreat the struggle of the Greyhound waste workers marked an intense and violent struggle between capital 
and labour in Dublin that put to the test the workers, the unions and the socialist groups. The workers showed great bravery and 
determination, firstly in standing up to physical intimidation and a lockout, secondly by standing firm in a long war of attrition when
they faced scabs, the Garda and judicial threats of jail and seizure of their property. (read more)

Greyhound dispute: A Socialist Alternative
The solution to the offensive by the Greyhound waste company offered by the Irish left is mind-numbing in its simplicity. Greyhound
bosses, motivated by greed, are out to rob the workers. United action and people power will force them to back down. Union leaders
could do more, but any suggestion that they are acting against workers interests is sectarian and divisive.  (read more)

Stormont budget: Carving up the sectarian spoils
Mainstream commentary often identifies the failure of the parties to agree on “welfare reform” as the main reason for the growing
 financial and political crisis at Stormont. Every spending cut and deterioration of public services is put down to the resistance of 
Sinn Fein to benefit cuts and the resulting punitive fines imposed by Westminster. (read more)

Night of the long knives
The rapid-fire ousting of DUP minister Edwin Poots, his sidekick Paul Girvan and the revolting Nelson McCausland, followed by a
push from Poots to try and force Robinson’s resignation, need no explanation. Robinson’s strategy of pragmatism – of operating the
powersharing arrangements to share out sectarian rights while humiliating Sinn Fein and grabbing the lion’s share of patronage and 
resources, has proved to much for a party that simply wants to assert sectarian dominance. (read more)

Budget 2015 – the end of austerity? 
To listen to Government ministers and various media commentators on the upcoming budget you would get the impression 
that Ireland has now turned the corner, that a strong economic recovery has taken hold and that the period of austerity is 
coming to an end.  (read more)

Water charges: The final straw?
It is clear that the introduction of water charges comes very close to the straw that broke the camel’s back. On top of the sheer
thuggery involved in charging you for something that you already own we have the overweening hypocrisy and arrogance of claims of 
economic recovery mixed in with an avalanche of stories on corruption. (read more)

US: The Racist Murder of Michael Brown
While the American empire stalks the globe devastating all in its path the brutality of its reign is evident also on the streets of American cities. 
The murder of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen in the small town of Ferguson, makes him the latest innocent victim of this poisonous 
racist state and what has been called ‘The New Jim Crow’.  (read more)

Socialist Education: The police, the state and the ‘prevailing Philistinism’
It is not surprising, given the constant stream of propaganda that daily reinforces bourgeois ideology, that some workers should
become convinced that the police are somehow above the demands of the class struggle. Revolutionaries see the police and army as
the repressive organs of the state but reformists see the police as simply a group of ‘workers in uniform’, that will be driven by objective
economic contradictions towards ‘revolutionary’ change.  (read more)

Talks: A new carnival of reaction
After decades of hypocrisy and delusion the British, local politicians and a compliant media are now accepting that the peace settlement
in Ireland and the Stormont assembly are on the point of collapse. The issues are a unionist rejection of the terms of a much watered down
peace process and a budget collapse. (read more)

Bono Backlash - U2 graduate on the web as malware
The debacle surrounding U2’s latest album release is more welcome evidence of the growing public backlash against this corporate 
monstrosity masquerading as a rock band. (read more)
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