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The Colombian Truth Commission and its Truths


The Truth Commission (CEV) in Colombia has just published its report on the Colombian conflict. As was to be expected it is a very detailed report and deals with many aspects of the conflict and therefore it is impossible to carry out a detailed criticism in just one article. This article aims to deal with the document entitled Call for Peace and in later articles I will deal with some points in greater detail such as the regions, the business class and drug trafficking. (read more)

Report on cost of living crisis rally at Stormont


A rally to highlight the impact of the ongoing cost of living crisis was held in Belfast on Saturday (25/05/22).
The rally, organised by the Northern Ireland committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (NIC-ICTU), under the banner of “Get Stormont Back to Work – Workers Demand Action”, took place within the grounds of the Stormont estate, the seat of the north’s devolved government.  (read more)

The National Women’s Council and the controversy over discussing gender identity


In 2015, Ireland introduced some of the most liberal gender self-identity laws on the globe. The implementation of those laws has worked out through Irish society and institutions largely unimpeded. In June 1922 Irish people finally found out about the implications of gender self-identity and a conversation began. The conversation did not go well for trans activists. The dispute began when the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) excluded a feminist group, The Countess, from their June AGM. (read more)

The Ukrainian Revolution


There is a marked similarity between the present situation in the Ukraine and that in Russia in early 1917 just prior to the February revolution that overthrew the tsarist government. The war in Ukraine is a proxy war where the two sides consist of capitalist countries. On one side is predominantly Russia, on the other, a NATO alliance of countries that the Zelensky government has sided with.  (read more)

NI Protocol legislation: a trivial adjustment?


The British government claims that the proposed unilateral changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol that they themselves drafted, are trivial adjustments. No-one seems to believe them. They claim that the adjustments are necessary to preserve the economy and political stability in the North. People seem to believe this, but the claims are equally false. The Democratic Unionist Party claims that their central concern is the protocol. This is also false. (read more)

Ukraine: anti imperialism is the key

06/06/22 (from Socialist Fight)

Amid the hysteria generated by imperialism’s propaganda machine we now have an accumulation of evidence before us that should make it clear that the war in Ukraine is a US imperialist proxy war against Russia. It is one part of a long term strategy to maintain US imperialist global dominance amid an increasingly acute crisis of rofitability Zbigniew Brzezinski, the most important of the imperialist strategists, spells it out for us in 1997 in his ‘GrandChessboard’ ;Ukraine is the “geopolitical pivot,” in US imperialism’s attempts to weaken Russia and even to dismember it.   (read more)


Gender identity ideology

Presentation by Orla Ni Chomhrai on why socialists should oppose a dogma which undermines women's rights, gay rights, free speech, and science.

18 October 2021