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  Last updated: 21 August 2015
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Socialist Democracy Bulletin - August 2015


Strange Statistics : The return of the Celtic Tiger? 
The tiger is back! scream the headlines, quoting statistic after statistic to prove that the days of the bailout and 
Troika rule are over and we are advancing to a new nirvana of growth and prosperity.  The Central Statistics office 
claims that gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter of 2015 accelerated by 6.5 per cent year-on-year while 
gross national product (GNP) advanced by 7.3 per cent.   (read more)

Back to the days of the Celtic Tiger?
Ireland, it is claimed, has recovered from the bailout and is now the fast-est growing economy in Europe.  Ireland’s 
economy grew by more than 6 per cent in the first three months of the year compared with the same period in 2014, 
according to data from the Central Statistics Office.  (read more)

Belfast Anti Interment march: Choreography of collusion
Choreography (n) A series of dance steps. (Irish peace process) A secret agreement, implemented by a fixed series of 
statements and actions.  The word choreography was widely used to describe to describe the retreats and betrayals by 
Sinn Fein as they accommodated to renewed partition. It has faded from use as the North arrived at the current unstable 
political equilibrium. (read more)

Irish Water: A defeat for the Government. A victory for the resistance?
The message from Irish socialist groups in the aftermath of the Eurostat ruling on Irish Water, denying it the status of a
commercial company, could not be simpler. The ruling is a victory for the non-payment campaign. A new push around 
non-payment will see the collapse of Irish Water and of the plans to charge for water.  (read more)

Banking enquiry— a cloak of invisibility
After decades of enquiry after enquiry into corruption - enquiries that never tracked down the guilty parties - the Irish government 
hit on a sure-fire way to establish the truth behind the decision to pledge the income of the Irish working class to guarantee the 
wealth of the banks and bondholders.   (read more)

Capitalists enforce barbarism in Greece
The defeat suffered by Greek’s Syriza led government over the latest bailout agreement for the country is the most comprehensive 
possible.  What makes it so is not the harshness of the bailout terms but the fact they were submitted to voluntarily. Such defeats 
from within, in which a political party comes to accept everything that it had once opposed, are the most damaging of all. To have 
fought and been defeated is bad but to surrender without a fight is much worse.   (read more)

Siteserv scandal: The antidote to corruption
Siteserv was a company that was the very epitome of the Celtic Tiger years. It was founded in 2004 by Brian Harvey with financial 
backing from a capital investment firm owned by Niall McFadden, who learned his trade at the knee of Morgan Stanley and Larry 
Goodman. Harvey and McFadden had been friends since their days at UCD in the 1980’s.  (read more)

On the buses: UNITE bureaucracy side steps fight against austerity
On July 22nd Jimmy Kelly of Unite announced with an air of vindication that the decision to cancel the strike on May 6th had paid off 
and that following the union’s meeting with Danny Kennedy at Stormont, Translink and the NITHC had opened their books to provide 
information on the company’s “running costs”. As a result Unite had “brought forward a range of proposals for off-setting efficiencies 
which would safeguard bus and rail services and meet the £7 million shortfall to the public transport subvention.”    (read more)

Stormont House: “Toe the line” Sinn Fein told
Little was made of Martin McGuinness' recent trip to Washington. Even less will be made of his return. He had looked for support in 
renegotiating the Stormont House Agreement and had been sent away with a flea in his ear. He had earlier collected the order of the 
boot in visits to David Cameron and Theresa Villiers.   (read more)

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